Welcome to our open data portal, where you can download the source data that we use in operator digital services. 'Open data' is data that has been made available to the public, for personal, educational or commercial use.

The data on this page is updated automatically when Warrington's Own Buses updates Passenger Cloud, our digital service platform, for example when they make a change to their timetables or network. Downloads are currently available as either .CSV or .XML files.

If you have any questions about the data, please drop us a line at [email protected].

Mobile Products

  • Describes the products available for sale through the Warrington's Own Buses mobile app
  • Available in CSV format
Download CSV

Open Street Map

  • A slice of Open Street Map data surrounding our network.
  • Converted to XML from the original PBF format.
  • Used in places search and journey planning.
Download XML Download PBF

Mobile products data is © 2020 Warrington's Own Buses and is licensed under the Open Government License Version 3.0.